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Good Mood Food 

Hello, welcome to Kitchen & Soul. Our aim is to promote positivity and well-being through food; good mood food for mental wellness. Soul Balls contain natural ingredients that support healthy digestion with a focus on how food impacts on our mental health. They are high in dietary fibre, helping you to keep your tummy happycontain only natural occurring sugars, are slow energy releasing and have the fantastic healing mineral properties of Copper and Manganese. Each ball has been carefully blended with spices based on the Indian practice of Ayurveda.  Soul Balls are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free refined sugar free but are bursting (no room to move) with goodness. They are lovingly hand-rolled in small fresh batches in The Chilterns, UK. 

More Than Balls 

Kitchen & Soul exists to promote happiness and wellbeing through nourishing food.
Frustrated that lots of healthy snacks lacked interesting flavours and complexity and were all rather serious, our Founder Nadra developed hand-rolled SoulBalls. Tasty balls of happiness that aim to satisfy and support gut health and mental health. Our belief is that when it tastes good and does good then you will ultimately feel good.  

As a qualified nutritional advisor, Nadra has combined her Asian heritage, Ballymaloe Cookery school certificate and experience of depression to make Balls with Soul!


Kitchen & Soul hosted brunch club events set in gorgeous locations.  Each brunch will be packed with nutritional delights and bowls of balanced perfection.  Why not ask us to pop-up, cater and power your brunch events.

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