Pop-Up Fatigue

I think I may be suffering from a sense of humour failure.   I thought about ending this blog post at this point but then thought that wasn't really in the spirit of my newly acquired Irish sharing.

So my week consisted of mainly sugar.  It was all about the petit fours.  I lived, breathed and quite frankly slept and dreamt about petit fours.  I've never in my life given so much time and effort to something so small and sugary.    Last week pop-up fever was rife.  Could it be done, could we pull it together, would we still be friends at the end of it.  Well my friends let me tell you, we absolutely smashed it.  Oh yes.  It went off like a corker.  Now, I wasn't this enthusiastic when I was hand rolling 150 chocolate truffles in what can only be described as an ice bath.  No I think that's when my downward spiral of sense of humour failure began.   All jokes aside I was very proud of what we all achieved.  My love affair with sweet things continues so much so that I am now pondering my next life as a pastry / bread come fermentation chef.  If only it wasn't so touch and go with the old pastry I think I would have it 100% nailed.

There was a small break in the week, oh yes Wednesday when we all retire from our chef whites and become a shadow of ourselves i.e. normal clothes and our bodies resume a shape akin to a lady or man but lady curves should not be hidden in unisex chef's attire.  Do they not know how to do a tuck?  Not only do we have the infamous biscuit of the week on Wednesday we also have cheese porn.  We will be presented an array of mainly Irish cheeses.  It can only be described as cheese porn.  Darina gets very excited about mould.  The descriptions are off the chart.  Well it must have been a particularly sexy day because at the 11 o'clock break the cheese got annihilated and everyone was very perky post break.

The 12 week exams are soon to be upon us and if I am honest I am beginning to feel quite panicked.  I am exhausted and I feel that I am operating on my reserves.  The truffles have taken it out of me that or I am suffering a massive sugar come down.  Anyway it feels massive, between HACCP (that's hygiene, analysis and critical control points in case you feel left out) wine, food costing, herbs and god knows what I feel like I am drowning in my own fear.  Not a good way to be spending what is now week 10. Apparently there is a slump in week 10. I suppose I will write about that and the end of week 10, if I start writing about it now I'll be all out of sync which in a way I am because it's Tuesday and I usually write my blog on Sunday.  SEE WHAT I MEAN?!

I think on that note and before I really lose it I may get to my round-up

  1. I have realised that I continually smell of cooking.  It does not go, it follows me around like a bad smell. Ha! My god I'm funny
  2. I have discovered that I am rather partial to a good clean shot of tequila. I am not sure this is the way I should be going at my age
  3.  After a little lull I am back in the 10s life is good again (well apart from the 10 week slump and exam fear)
  4. I may have to declare a pant and sock emergency.  Yes the sock thief has cracked it up a gear.  Pants are missing
  5. I wonder what real life will be like?
  6. Dear Christmas could you perhaps move yourself to January?

See you Sunday if I am not consumed by fear and loathing in Ballymaloe.

Nadra Shah