What is your shipping policy?

I will aim to dispatch your Soul Balls within 72 hours of ordering.  Balls are made to order so you receive the freshest batch. 
Please ensure that you enter your details correctly including an valid email address and any other pertinent details that will help me ensure that your Soul Balls arrive in good order. 


I currently send Soul Balls to the UK, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. 
Delivery is £3.95 (Standard Class) £3.45 (Economy) .
I would recommend stating on your order a "safe place" to leave your balls if you are off doing something wonderful that means you can't say hello to the postie. 


I do send to the Republic of Ireland however currently I do not send out Internationally but don't despair if you really do need a Soul Fix in your life why don't you contact me directly and I'd happily see what I can do for you. Soul Balls do like to travel (so I am told) 


Are your Soul Balls gluten free? In fact, can you tell me about your ingredients?

Damn right they are gluten free! A very high percentage of my ingredients are organic and where possible raw, so treated without a high intensity of heat (this means the nutritional value stays in tact). My focus was to create something that firstly tasted delicious and had texture and an interesting blend of flavours.  I use spices across every Soul Balls and have sourced my spices from the country that I consider is known to produce the highest quality grade of that particular spice. So, Sri Lanka or cinnamon, Peru for chilli, India for Turmeric and Cardamom and so on. The nutritional value and benefit of my Soul Balls are like a wonderful added bonus, meaning that you can sit happy in the knowledge that you are both feeding your appetite and your soul. As I like to say, they are really happiness in a ball. 


How do I order wholesale?

If you are a big retailer and you feel that you need a whole lot of Soul in your life then please do get in touch.  I have a small number of awesome independent retailers and I am looking to add some Soul to many more places. 


Any other questions?

If you would like to ask me something that I haven't covered, fancy a chat, or have a moan (hopefully not) then just drop me a line nadra@kitchenandsoul.uk and I'd be very happy to hear from you.  

Thank you - consider the FAQs done.