It all started when...

I have suffered depression all my life, a lot of it centred around a crippling lack of self-confidence and a distorted body image.  It’s funny (well perhaps not laugh out loud funny, more a slow knowing smile) I thought depression was behind me, I thought that I had put a line under it and that was that. Easy.  Well as I found out at the end of 2015 it’s actually not that simple it can creep up on you and boom you are in the middle of the darkest cloud and you can’t function.  It’s scary.  The thing is I knew that I was slowly going down the rabbit hole, I was working really hard,  I wasn’t allowing myself time to look after myself properly, not exercising, not eating well and slowly but surely I was disconnecting from my sense of self.    Well as we know it is funny what life throws at you because I think this experience has made me brave it has given me the nudge to just go for it to create a business that has an ethos and culture that represents all the things that I hold to close to my heart.

As for my relationship with food, for years I was scared, I tried to control it and food most definitely controlled me, I thought about what I was eating constantly and I was in daily battle.  I wasn’t healthy, I like others fell into the low-fat diet trap, I went to weight watchers and eat a load of convenience food that was over processed and not giving me the nutrition I needed. In 2012 my relationship with food changed and I began to educate myself about nutrition and listen to my body, I lost weight, about 2 stone in total and have completely changed the way I eat.  In  December 2016 I graduated from the Ballymaloe Cookery School and in January 2017 I qualified as Nutritional Advisor.

So what is Kitchen & Soul about? It is about trying to find a place where you feel happy inside and out and it is about having purpose. My passion is bringing people together as I believe there is something magical about being united over shared passions and values.  Having a cause, feeling a sense of community and helping others to feel good about themselves is what it is all about. It is a Kitchen with Soul.