Chocolate Bomb

Chocolate Bomb


A raw cocoa ball bursting with flavour; organic dates mixed with cocoa nibs, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds and the wonderful beneficial Indian turmeric. 

A source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids 

Ingredients Low-Down 

Omega 3:  Otherwise known as an essential fatty acid. At this point please don't run for the hills. Fatty acids are essential because your body needs fat to function.  Omega 3 is said to help you sleep better, nourish your skin and calm your blood pressure. 

Chia Seeds: The powerhouse of the seed community.  Packed full of omega 3 (yep this is why this ball is a rich source), Omega 6 (3's best friend) fibre and protein. 

Cocoa: It's the purest form of chocolate that you can get. Oh and it's chocolate, what else is there to say? 

Nutritional Information

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