Kick Start

Kick Start


A fruity ball with Cranberries, Goji Berries, mixed with Nuts and Seeds, finished off with an all important metabolism boosting touch of Peruvian Chilli. Now, don't be scared this isn't blow your head off chill it's the more "ooh that's nice and warm" sort of the chilli.  

Ingredient Low-Down 

Goji Berries: There have been many claims put against this shrivelled little berry, the truth is they are loaded with anti-oxidants and Vitamin C and they are a great colour 

Chilli: Another ingredient packed full of anti-oxidants, said to boost the digestive system and have anti-bacterial properties so can be very cleansing. 

Maca: Said to help balance hormones, full of maca busting antioxidants and B vitamins (these also help to fight off those free radicals roaming free in your system like they own the place) 

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