Nut Nut - Allspice

Nut Nut - Allspice


Nut Nut is the nuts.  Peanut butter (just pure peanuts without any nasties), Almonds, Cocoa, Coconut and then Jamcian All Spice this is full to the brim with good stuff and lovely peanut yumminess. 

It has 4.4g of natural protein per ball so great for all your gym goers out there who want to feed your muscles. 

You may be wondering why the cat? The cat is called Coconut AKA Nut Nut, this is her ball.  Be proud. 

Nutritional Low-Down 

High in fibre, rich in the mineral copper which helps to support your immune system and energy production.  

All Spice is known to help support an active digestive system and help to keep you regular.  

Nutritional Information

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